Our woodland glade

They say all roads lead to Rome, but you’ll need to pass Avrona on the way! An old Roman path leads from S-charl into the Engadin and, of course, past the Avrona woodland glade, high above the spectacular Clemgia Gorge and Lai Nair (Black Lake), a little, mirrored lake, is just a stone’s throw away. It is such a stunning, picturesque area. Following the hiking trail, you will soon arrive down in Scuol. For those ‘on the go’ there are also winter hiking trails, snowshoe trails and bike trails in the vicinity. Summer or winter, feel free to take a rest or a pit-stop at our warm and friendly place. For those who are less active, the road to Tarasp ensures our connection to the outside world all year round.

Bergschule Avrona

The Bergschule Avrona Foundation acquired the Avrona Guesthouse in the autumn of 2018 from long-standing, previous owners Peter and Helen Witmer. It is the foundation’s wish that this distinctive house continues to be a place where folks can to stop for a bite to eat and relax. We are positive that its charming location and the culinary delights on offer, will entice our guests to linger here a little longer. In the future, the Avrona Guesthouse will also offer students from the special needs school Bergschule Avrona an opportunity to participate in taster internships as well as secure apprenticeships in the catering industry. In this way, we can offer guidance to young individuals from the Bergschule Avrona, enabling them to have a smooth and confident start into their professional lives.

Bergschule Avrona - Holztafel


Does one always have to be active? No. Though there is much to do and see in this area, that does not mean that you always have to be on the go. If what you desire is to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of just doing nothing, that’s also an option at the Guesthouse Avrona. Perhaps sitting on our sunny terrace with a good book in your hand is enough stimulation for a lovely, lazy day. Nevertheless, we have thought about everything. So, as well as the amazing hiking and biking region found right outside our door, we can also recommend taking a refreshing swim in Lai Nair, a small mountain lake with a grand backdrop (non-swimmers can also just sit and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the place). Various local people are also on hand to show you just how things are done around here. Verena, in the Butia da Besch in Ardez, is happy to show our guests how to sew their own sheep wool duvets. Whatever your fancy, there’s always enough to do around here.